Infantry UnitsEdit

Tactical Rifle SquadEdit

Ark Security Riflemen are the backbone of the Tactical Response. These men and women are equiped with General Purpose Assault Rifles. They are most effective against other infantry.

The Squad is comprised 4 x 4-5 man teams

Tactical Engineer SquadEdit

Ark Security Engineers are support units which carry advanced engineering equipment and can provide support to riflemen as well as provide anti-vehicle support.

The Squad is comprised 4 x 4 man teams

Enforcement TeamEdit

Comprised of officers from the Enforcement Directorate who have weapons training and being drafted into tactical operations. They are the equivelant of militia.

The team is comprised of 30 men

Special Operations SquadEdit

Comprised of advanced officers from tactical reponse who have displayed notable service. Can be customised to contain nearly any loadout .

The Squad is comprised of 4 x 4-5 man teams

CELL TeamEdit

Advanced infiltrators who infiltrate enemy lines and disrupt the enemy before they can damage the rest of the force.

The team is comprised of 4 x 2 Men


Comprised of officers that are exceptional and have been on SpecOps for a least 2 years at the very least giving every man in this squad at least 6 years experience. These are the best of Ark Security's operatives.

Comprised of 4 x 4 man teams

Vehicle UnitsEdit

Onyx Tank SquadronEdit

Light scout tank squadron, fast and mobile while retaining some armour

Comprised of 4 x Onyx Tanks

Obsidian Tank SquadronEdit

Medium weight tanks. Equivalent to a Main Battle Tank. Agile with Less armour than other tanks. Although armour quality is greater Comprised of 4 x Obsidian Tanks

Opal Tank SquadronEdit

Medium-Heavy Tank used for armour hunting, Conatains a damaging anti-armour gun but does not have the same amount of armour as other tanks of a similar role

Comprised of 4 x Opal Tanks

Diamondback SquadronEdit

Fast APC/IFV, unlike other APC/IFV the diamond back utilises a Nano Missile launcher rather than a machine gun.

Comprised of 4 x Diamondback APC's

Quartzetop SquadronEdit

Armoured Cars conatining less space than the Diamondback but has heavier armour and a harder hitting gun.

Comprised of 4 x Quartztop Armoured Cars

Diopside Scout SquadronEdit

Fast Recon cars with the same gun as a Onyx tank, Diopsides are faster but contain less armour

Comprised of 4 x Diopside


Monarch Gunship SquadronEdit

Sovreign Gunship SquadronEdit